Patents :

Electroactive Actuators – The invention relates to actuators based on electroactive polymeric materials for use in pumping fluids or in other applications where a contractile actuation is required, in particular although not necessarily exclusively for use in vascular pulsation devices such as a variable aortic tension device.
Inventors : Fergal Coulter, Philip Breedon, David Richens

Ocular prosthesis – The invention relates to light-reactive ocular prosthetics. Embodiments include an ocular prosthesis (300) comprising an adjustable pupil (106), wherein the prosthesis is configured to apply a voltage across a pair of electrodes defining a lateral extent of the pupil to change the lateral extent of the electrodes.
Inventors : Thomas Stead, Fergal Coulter, John Pacey Lowery, Philip Breedon

Publications : 

4D Printing Inflatable Silicone Structures – 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. [September 2015, Vol. 2, No. 3: 140-144]

Dynamic Facial Prosthetics for Sufferers of Facial Paralysis (PDF)
Dynamic Facial Prosthetics for Sufferers of Facial Paralysis – Australasian Medical Journal [AMJ 2011, 4, 10, 555-562]

An Open Source Hardware and Software Platform for Interdisciplinary Design (PDF)
Published in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society

University : 

MSc Thesis – The Fabrication of Artificial Facial Muscles
The Fabrication of Artificial Facial Muscles : A review of the parameters required for their creation and experimental validation of the concepts
July 2011

Press : 

3D printing on inflatable structures Jun 17, 2015

PhD student 3D prints on inflatable substrate to create artificial muscles – Jun 22, 2015


UK Team Experiments with 4D Printed Artificial Muscles – Sept 22, 2015

Smart start for the Heart (PDF)
A description of my project, as featured in New Electronics – Feburary 2014


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