3D Printing customised Silicone Heart Valves

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Our group Complex Materials in ETH Zurich have been collaborating with Strait Access Technologies (Cape Town) to develop a custom fit, fully 3D printed Heart Valve.


Full Details :
Bioinspired Heart Valve Prosthesis made by Silicone Additive Manufacturing

Matter (Cell Press) Volume 1, Issue 1.

Fergal B.Coulter, Manuel Schaffner, Jakob A. Faber, Ahmad Rafsanjani, Robin Smith, Harish Appa, Peter Zilla, Deon Bezuidenhout, André R.Studart

Multi-material additive manufacturing of patient-specific shaped heart valves.
Fiber-reinforced valves with low mechanical stresses and excellent hemodynamics
Elastomeric printing enables mechanical matching with the host biological tissue